Fatigue: Kick it to the Curb!

When you get up in the morning are you exhausted before you get out of bed?

Do you reach for a second or third cup of coffee to get through the afternoon?

Is your favorite place your bed?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need an energy overhaul.

Boosting your energy is easier than you think. Here are some sure fire fixes that will turbo charge your energy levels and turn off that fatigue.

1. Get More Sleep: be honest with yourself, whatever you are doing after 10PM is not critical to life as we know it. If you are out socializing, nice job! Otherwise, our patients’ say “it’s the only time I have to myself.” Research shows that going to bed earlier and getting up earlier will make you brain fire better. So, hit the pillow earlier and spend time wth yourself in the morning.

2. Eat More Oxygen: sounds weird we know but, if we said eat
more veggies, you would have tuned out. Here’s the deal: vegetables provide more oxygen to your body than carbohydrates. That’s right, that bagel or donut is stifling your oxygen!! We need oxygen to live and be vital, so make vegetables your new best friend. Challenge yourself to eat 2-3 servings of vegetables a day. And, no, potatoes and corn are NOT vegetables! Extra points for dark green leafy stuff.

3. Shake Your Booty: they are calling “sitting” the newest disease! We treat many patients’ that sit at desks all day and think that an hour at the gym will make up for siting all day. Not so fast! Newest research says you have to get up and move that butt! Large muscle movement every hour: marching and large arm circle will work. Or just crank the tunes and dance it out. (we know that a lot of you work from home).

4. Activate Your Sniffer: that’s right, peppermint essential oil will increase alertness and endurance; lemon essential oil is known to decrease depressive behaviors and rosemary essential oil is the perfect pick-me-up.
Having these oils on hand will be the easiest way to boost your lagging energy throughout the day and chase that nagging fatigue away for good!
Smell is the strongest of your senses and best able to influence your weary brain.

There you have it: Dance your day away with some great essential oils after you eat some great vegetables and fall into bed early. Start with just ONE of these energy enhancers and you will have more energy within a week! Don’t take our word for it, kick your fatigue to the curb!

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