What’s a “Normal” Poop?

Think about it: If you eat three meals a day, shouldn’t you have at least one poop a day?
If you don’t, where is all that food piling up??

That’s right, the Large Intestine. We have had many patients on the once a week, once every couple days or it varies between rabbit pellets and “watch out” I’m headed for disaster pants!

Sure, everyone has an opinion: eat more fiber = you blow up like a balloon
drink more water = doesn’t do a darn thing, except make the
bathroom your new office
drink some prune juice = whoa
eat some prunes = whoa again!

We have another suggestion that will not only have you pooping like a champ, but also relieves muscle cramps and creates cellular energy: MAGNESIUM

Now, don’t think that all magnesium is made the same. There is one: Magnesium Oxide that causes such extreme blow outs, you’d hate us if you took that one.

THE BEST: Magnesium Citrate or Magnesium Glycinate. Start with 100 mg. at bedtime and 100 mg. at breakfast. If things are moving along, great. If not, increase another 100mg. at lunch. Keep increasing amounts slowly until every days a winner. Slow and steady wins the race. It will take a while to get things moving, but magnesium is an easy first step towards better pooping!