I had severe knee and back pain when I walked into to see Dr. Trager. By the end of ONE visit, I felt 20lbs lighter. I was walking without pain and my back felt straight and solid. I also had no knee pain at all. Now, I have the info to stay pain free. I always feel better when Dr. Kim does her treatments. Thank you!

~ Christine 2019

“My son was in pretty severe pain from a fall playing basketball. Within a short time after his appointment with Dr. Kim Trager, he was feeling much better! As a Mom, I knew immediately where to take him to get relief. I’ve gone to this office for over 17 years and I knew he would be feeling better by the end of one visit. Dr. Trager is AMAZING! High recommended. Everyone is so pleasant and talented. The atmosphere is always so happy and positive.”

~ Sharon

“I Love Trager Healing. Not only for the amazing work they have done helping to heal my body, but for the warmth of spirit form each and every office member. I adore Dr. Kim, and Nicole is the only massage therapist that can knock me out cold every time!!!”

~ LaTanya

“Everything about this place is wonderful!”

~ Karen

“I tell so many people about Trager. Everyone at Trager has their heart in healing. Miracle workers with love.”

~ Tracy

I absolutely love Trager Healing. It’s my support system – It’s my dream team <3  I learn so much about how to let my light shine brighter from Dr. Kim & Candace. Love you guys.

“I spent too many nights driving to the hospital with my hand on my young son’s chest checking his breathing on the way to the emergency room. Our pediatrician was about to give our son a formal diagnosis of asthma when a friend recommended Candace at the Trager Healing Center. Candace worked her magic clearing our son of his allergies, and we never made another scary drive to the hospital again. Thank you, Candace, for providing an option that did not involve a drug treatment plan and used natural healing.”

~ Trina

“My treatment was quick and painless! My low back pain is gone. Thank You!”

~ E.

“Three visits and my chronic neck pain and headaches were a thing of the past.”

~ C.

“Thank you Al! I am amazed at how I feel. I was euphoric yesterday. Hadn’t felt that good in months! I was so relaxed and was seeing stars but not dizzy. I repeated the breathing this morning, worked all day. No brace. No pain. See you next week!!!”

~ Delynne

Thank you Kim! Since you’ve treated me for pain in my back and right hip, and stiffness in my right leg and foot ‘wanted to let you know about my progress. I’ve continued with exercises you recommended and have continued to take magnesium. Leg and foot cramps have been minimal. Right side back and hip pain are also minimal or non-existent at times even when standing for length of  time.

~ Fran

“Having been to other chiropractor’s before finding Dr. Kim,  I know what a gem she is.  Her understanding of the body is top notch. I love that she continues to learn and can incorporate wisdom from a variety of modalities. Her adjustments always leave my body moving in the direction of health and feeling better. I had a very traumatic fall with 300 lbs of weight  falling on top of me, and was in a lot of pain, and Dr. Kim had my body feeling so much better quickly. I will be forever grateful. She is about educating you as the patient too. It’s not about keeping you dependent on her, it truly is about empowering you. I have learned so much from her and she has inspired me to keep learning about me. I have also had wonderful experiences with Candace Lawrence and would highly recommend her as well. She figured out a missing link for me that impressed my medical Drs. Candace also has fantastic massage skills too. Trager Healing Center is a great place.”

~ April