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Tuesday, March 26  7:00pm


Emotionally spent after this long winter? Looking for something to lift your sprits that’s legal and doesn’t have calories? Join Dr. Kim Trager for an eye opening, jaw dropping workshop on how to Shift into Happiness using essential oils. Essential oils have a long history in being effective for mood lifting, as far back as the Bible! The class is free and the information…priceless!

  • If you would like to have that little emotional rescue kit in your car or your purse when you are ready to blow, this is the class for you.
  • If your kids are experiencing stress and anxiety at school, this is the class for you (and them).
  • If you would like to make your workplace more relaxing and everybody hates candles and potpourri, this is the class for you. You can get all kinds of recipes for diffuser blends that will soothe many a savage boss.

Dr. Trager will also have copies of her book: Shift into Happiness, 2nd Edition for purchase.

Thursday, March 28. 7:00pm


Let’s make desserts that taste sublime and are good for you!! Yes that’s right, great tasting desserts that are actually good for you! Candace will demonstrate several desserts that are gluten free and low sugar that your family and friends won’t believe you made!

Class is limited to 12 participants. Call ahead to reserve your spot!