Upcoming Events

January Events at Trager Healing

200 E. 5th Ave. , Ste. 118  
Naperville, IL. 60563

Every Monday Night 7P

Essentials of Essential Oils
Whether you are just beginning your exploration of the incredible health benefits of essential oils or have added them into your “Health Cabinet” years ago, stop in and get the newest information and ideas with Dr. Kim Trager and Candace Lawrence.  We’ll have the fixings to make a roller or small spray bottle. (No meeting January 21, Martin Luther King Day)

Janury 16  7:00P

Cooking with Candace: Zesty Salads

Have your salads become one dimensional, same as yesterday and even boring? Candace Lawrence will walk you through some easy fixes and open up new possibilities for your lunch and dinner salads. With a side benefit: some health talk about the ingredients and nutrients. Sign up in advance, limit 10 people. $15

January 23  7:00P

Cooking with Candace: Fear not the Squash
Oh the mystical squash!  Have you been reading that squash can replace other starchy carbs and have more nutrients and taste great? But, you’re not buying that one!  They are big, sometimes ugly and look forbidding. This is your chance to explore squash without bringing “IT” into your home. We’ll walk through how to cut them up, cooking methods and finally tasting. Sign up in advance, limit 10 people. $20

January 30  7:00P

Cooking with Candace: Good Food FastRush, rush, rush.  Throwing together a quick breakfast, lunch or dinner doesn’t have to mean Fast Food!  With a few staples in your pantry you can make something fairly healthy and great tasting and avoid the processed foods that can disrupt your health system. Candace Lawrence will walk you through some Good Food Fast stand bys. Sign up in advance, limit 10. $10